Halloween at Britcar

As Halloween fell conveniently on a Friday this year, we decided to have a themed fancy-dress day at work. There was a prize for the best-dressed employee, which was resolutely won by Albie (you can’t miss his tutu in the pictures below). Possibly the biggest shock of the day was that he actually has quite a fetching pair of legs, and didn’t look that bad in the outfit.

Along with the fancy dress, we had a staff lunch with several platters of sandwiches and cooked meats, and around a metric ton of snacks and treats. Some of the snacks even managed to survive as long as Monday morning.

We hope you enjoy the rather eclectic range of outfits, particularly Duncan’s lovely crocodile/dragon onesie. Most of us are convinced he just forgot to get changed when he got out of bed that morning.


Another addition to our fleet


We’ve just bought a 2.2 CRDI¬†diesel Freelander 2 in striking Santorini Black. We’ve gone for the top-spec HSE model with¬†Leather/Suede interior. The car is being supplied by Marshall Land Rover in Halesworth (big thanks to salesman Phil Crank).

Duncan has plans for this Freelander – he wants to fit low profile tyres on the largest alloy wheels he can find, and replace all of the contrasting body trim with body-colour parts instead.

Thankfully he’s not mentioned neon lights yet.