BT2002 - Digital Battery & Alternator Tester 6-12V Battery 6, 12, 24V Alternator

Supplier: Jack Sealey Ltd | Brand: SEALEY | Product: BT2002

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Image of BT2002, a 'Digital Battery & Alternator Tester 6-12V Battery 6, 12, 24V Alternator' part
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Details of BT2002

o Professional diagnosis of battery and alternator faults.
o Test battery condition with as little as 1V of residual charge.
o No heat, no sparks and no misdiagnosis.
o Checks condition of starter - no complicated connections or interpretation required.
o Analyse the vehicle's charging system at rest and under load to determine condition of alternator.
o Connect and follow the prompts on the LCD screen for straightforward answers.
o Incorporates simple voltmeter for voltage tests and additional system diagnostics.
o Rugged construction with protective cover.
o Supplied with full instruction manual.

Barcode: 5024209625531

Warranty: 1 Year

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