E/START300 - ElectroStart Digital Starter/Charger, Tester 200Amp 6/12/24V 230V

Supplier: Jack Sealey Ltd | Brand: SEALEY | Product: E/START300

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Image of E/START300, a 'ElectroStart Digital Starter/Charger, Tester 200Amp 6/12/24V 230V' part
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Details of E/START300

o Fully electronic, microprocessor controlled battery starter/charger designed to meet the requirements of modern battery technology.
o Powerful and 'intelligent' charging and boost starting from heavy-duty transformers.
o Suitable for Gel, Lead Acid, Lead Calcium, Ni-Cd, Silver Calcium batteries and stop/start batteries found on electric and hybrid vehicles.
o Instant visual check of battery condition, charge current, voltage and charging rate on LED read-out.
o Instant control of power delivery prevents polarity reversal by cutting output power - no fuses to blow and no trips to reset.
o Stabilised charging current allows improved charging efficiency and reduced charging times using Intellicharge circuitry.
o Fitted with standby feature - provides stabilised power to vehicle's electronic circuits through accessory socket enabling battery to be disconnected.
o Includes circuitry to provide surge and spike protection during charging and starting thus preventing damage to vital systems such as ABS, airbag sensors, ignition and music systems.
o Turbo-Fan cooled, heavy-duty transformer. Suitable for a wide range of vehicles - depending on model selected.
o Wipe-clean touch-sensitive control panel.
o Made in Europe.

Barcode: 5024209040983

Warranty: 1 Year

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17.84 Kg

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