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Differential guards

The bulge in the front and rear axle cases allows the crown wheel to rotate inside.  The crown wheel is a large gear that transfers the input drive into the differential and along the axle shafts.

The bulge is pressed steel and when rammed into immovable objects such as rocks can easily be holed loosing valuable lubricating oil. Terrafirma differential guards are easy to fit and offer protection against even the most aggressive attacks on obstacles. 

Regardless of your chosen off road activity, work or play and despite Land Rovers being built for off road use there is more to be done in terms of protecting the underside of your Land Rover against damage and ruts etc. The more serious your chosen off road adventures, the more protection is necessary. All Terrafirma under body guards perform important roles and have been designed to protect any part of the Land Rovers under carriage that if damaged could affect the rest of your journey or days work.Prevention rather than cure is the message here allowing you to drive safely and with confidence.

The range of Terrafirma under body guards protects the steering gear, front and rear differentials, transmission system and fuel tank. The steering guards, transmission guards and fuel guards are available in a choice of 6 mm steel and 8 mm aluminium. Aluminium guards are in keeping with modern design and are lighter weight. Steel guards are tougher, less expensive but heavier than the more stylish aluminium. All steel parts are gold zinc passivized for good looks and rust resistance. Terrafirma under body guards mount onto existing pre drilled holes and all necessary fixings are supplied.  

Terrafirma produce a range of guards that are necessary to ensure reliable and safe operation off road and these may not fit into specific groups. If there is a need to protect a part of the vehicle then it is likely there is a guard available or in development.  

During 2011 Terrafirma acquired the rights to manufacture the range of under body guards developed and produced by South down  4 x 4 Products, this has enabled Terrafirma to accelerate the development of the range and has influenced the introduction of many new part numbers.  
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