TYK500030 - 1L RAVENOL MTF-2 75W-80 GEAR OIL

Supplier: Britpart | Brand: RAVENOL | Type: OEM | Product: TYK500030

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Image of TYK500030, a '1L RAVENOL MTF-2 75W-80 GEAR OIL' part
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24cm x 11cm x 6cm
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Details of TYK500030

Ravenol MTF-2 75W-80 is a fully synthetic gear oil formulated using the highest quality PAO base oils together with a unique additive pack, and is designed especially to meet the exacting manufacturer requirements for modern transmissions. Its low friction characteristics coupled with exceptional high load capabilities maximises both fuel economy and wear protection.

Ravenol MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 is ideally suited to ensure smooth and efficient operation of modern transmissions subject to very high mechanical and thermal loads of gear oils, even at the longest oil change intervals, and specifically designed for the applications as listed below.

Ravenol MTF-2 SAE 75W-80 offers -
> A high-pressure stable lubricating oil film even at high temperatures and under high stress
> Extreme pressure stability, with excellent corrosion protection at all loads
> A very good viscosity-temperature behaviour
> A very good oxidation stability and very low foaming tendency
> Optimum cold flow cababilities
> Excellent shear stability
> No oil thickening power respectively deposits
> Exceptional resistance to ageing
> Compatible with all types of sealing materials
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1.015 Kg


24cm x 11cm x 6cm

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