LR003156 - 1L EPX SAE 80W-90 GL

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Supplier: Bearmach | Brand: CARLUBE | Type: OEM | Product: LR003156

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Image of LR003156, a '1L EPX SAE 80W-90 GL ' part
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27cm x 21cm x 39cm
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Details of LR003156

Ravenol multi-range transmission oil for synchronised and non-synchronised manual transmissions as well as axle drives, distributor transmissions, intermediate transmissions in vehicles and working machines. In order to avoid the seasonal change of the transmission oil RAVENOL Getriebeoel EPX SAE 80W-90 GL 5 was developed. It can be used in winter as well as in summer. Its universal use reduces the risk of mix-up and storage. Because of the balanced additive combination characteristics like a high pressure absorption capacity, a superior viscosity temperature behaviour, a high oxidation stability, low pour points, a good corrosion protection and non-sludging are guaranteed.

Ravenol Getriebeoel EPX SAE 80W-90 GL 5 is compatible with all brand-name transmission oils. In case of changing to Ravenol EPX SAE 80W-90 GL 5 flushing is not necessary. It can be used in manual transmissions, axle drives, distributor and intermediate transmissions in vehicles and working machines.

Ravenol Getriebeoel EPX SAE 80W-90 GL offers:
> An optimum cold flow capacity
> An excellent corrosion protection also regarding short distances in winter
> Extreme pressure stability, therefore an excellent corrosion protection at all loads, reduced transmission
> An excellent shear stability
> A very good oxidation stability, no foam
> No oil thickening power respectively deposits
> An extremely high aging resistant
> A very good viscosity temperature behaviour
> An efficient corrosion protection
> Protection against corrosion, sludge and sticking
> An excellent corrosion protection, no rust, no attack of nonferrous metals
> Neutral behaviour of sealing materials that means the transmissions stay closed, no oil loss
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27cm x 21cm x 39cm

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