CP5418VBP - Cordless Power Tool Battery Lithium-ion 1.3Ah 18V for CP5418V

Supplier: Jack Sealey Ltd | Brand: SEALEY | Product: CP5418VBP

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Image of CP5418VBP, a 'Cordless Power Tool Battery Lithium-ion 1.3Ah 18V for CP5418V' part
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Details of CP5418VBP

o Li-ion batteries give an all-round better performance than standard Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells.
o Maintains a higher energy density level (generally twice that of a Ni-Cd cell) giving more battery power per gram.
o Has a flat discharge curve - performing better for longer.
o No memory effect - these batteries can recover from a deep discharge with no tendency to reduce overall capacity.
o Suitable for use with Model No. CP5418V Angle Grinder.

Barcode: 5051747797857

Warranty: Consumable

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