SCS002 - TFR Premium Detergent with Wax Concentrated 25ltr

Supplier: Jack Sealey Ltd | Brand: SEALEY | Product: SCS002

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Image of SCS002, a 'TFR Premium Detergent with Wax Concentrated 25ltr' part
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Details of SCS002

o Premium Quality Super Concentrated TFR
o The unique blend of high quality detergents and surfactants give optimum performance when cleaning vehicles, reducing the need for agitation.
o Incorporates a sophisticated wax and rinse aid system to give shine and protection to paintwork.
o When used frequently will keep vehicle cleaner for longer by preventing dirt and grime sticking to paintwork.
o Biodegradable and additional inhibitor to prevent scale build up and corrosion in pressure washer.
o Especially suitable for vehicles with livery and sensitive paint.

Barcode: 5054511040043

Warranty: Consumable

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