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Supplier: Britpart | Brand: OPTIMA | Type: OEM | Product: DB1019

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Image of DB1019, a 'BATTERY OPTIMA RED TOP 12 VOLT' part
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25.5cm x 17cm x 17cm
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Details of DB1019

Top terminals

Capacity – 50Ah

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) – 815

Twice the life of ordinary batteries 15 times the vibration resistance.

With it's patented Spiralcell® Technology, Optima batteries offer 15 times the vibration resistance and up to twice the life of ordinary batteries. The Optima is like no other battery found in today's market. Optima’s unique patented Spiralcell® design offers the best technology by providing a strong and clean power source that far surpasses any of today's traditional lead acid batteries. With Optima as your choice, you can count on a longer lasting battery.

Optima Red Top batteries are built to withstand the abuse 4x4's experience on and off-road. Spiralcell® Technology immobilises the internal components of the battery, enabling Optima batteries to withstand incredible amounts of vibration

Vehicles modified for improved engine performance demand more from a battery. Optima batteries withstand the high engine bay temperatures associated with these performance vehicles. The sealed construction makes the battery spill-proof, even if you install it on its side! This prevents external gassing and leaking which can damage engine components and reduce battery performance.

If your battery is used in applications that demand extra reliability endurance and performance, or if you just take pride in getting the best performance out of your vehicle, Optima Red Top batteries deliver the performance you demand.
Weight & Dimensions


17 Kg


25.5cm x 17cm x 17cm

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