Meet the team

Managing Director

Duncan has been around Land Rovers for the last 35 years, having learnt to drive one on his Fathers farm, then driving them all around the Globe whilst serving in the British Army in the early 80's. After being involved in the Camel Trophy, it was natural that he would migrate into the Land Rover business having been injured and pensioned out of the Metropolitan Police in 1993.

Being an avid Land Rover fan, he likes nothing more than to get out into the stores and get his hands on the shipments of rare parts coming in. Duncanís knowledge of Land Rovers and their parts is vast and often bordering on a little creepy!



Sandy also has a passion for Land Rovers which she discovered when she served with the British Army; it is whilst serving she met Duncan. Sandy married Duncan in 1986, then she committed herself to being involved with Land Rovers for better or worse in sickness and in health. We would say wealth, but she's still waiting for that part. Sandy helps Duncan plan the future for the business, but her main role is to keep Duncan in check and stop him buying too many dusty parts from Land Rover dealerships having a clear-out!


General Manager

Kerrie is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, making sure that everything runs smoothly and the magic keeps happening. We've also made her "person in charge of filtering out Duncan's more 'interesting' ideas", but this doesn't fit on her business card so we stuck with General Manager.


Warehouse Supervisor & Customer Support

After a stint in the warehouse as a packing team member, George showed his true colours as a customer support ninja, balancing phone calls, live chats, and emails from customers. He is now adding to his skills by taking responsibility for the warehouse team.


Exporting & Office Supervisor

If your order doesn't fit into one of our normal courier services, then Megan will be the one performing the behind-the-scenes magic that gets you the best shipping quote, and arranges dispatch. Calling on a wide range of logistics options, she can arrange for the smallest ECU to be fast-tracked to Australia, or a 3-pallet order delivered safely to Uzbekistan. Megan is now also responsible for the behaviour and efficiency of the office-based team, including Jim (sorry Megan).


Systems & eCommerce Manager

Craig joined Britcar full-time in mid-2014 after 5 years of providing part-time IT support. He is an unashamed computer geek (and a petrolhead), so is delighted to have a job that combines his two favourite things! Craig can often be found helping various people with printer and computer problems, always following the tech support mantra "turn it off and on again". People are always amazed that this actually works.


Export Assitant

Vikki comes in several days a week to help Megan deal with our more complex shipping requests; she helps to take some of the pressure off Megan during the busy points of our week.


Trade Accounts / Channel Sales

Having started with Britcar as one of the packing team, Sean has moved up to managing our bigger trade accounts. He is also responsible for getting excess or special stock listed on eBay and Amazon at bargain prices (so keep an eye out for fantastic offers). Sean also helps to cover the phones for sales and support when we're busy.


Jim (Ben)
Counter Sales

Jim started with us in the July of 2010 in the packing department, and now looks after the trade counter and customer support. Jim has an (un)healthy obsession with all things Land Rover; if left un-checked he could talk to customers for a short age about their vehicles. Jim owns a 1965 series 2a which he had as his first car which he used as his daily commute before upgrading it to a Defender 110 station wagon which he hopes to explore Africa in one day (if it doesn't explode first). Jim is actually Ben, but we decided to call him Jim/Jimmy when he joined because we already had a Ben. This has persisted for so long, he almost has a split personality.


John, Scott, George and Keiron
Packing and Dispatch Team

These guys are responsible for most of the orders getting picked from stock and packed up. Their goal is to get your orders to you as quickly and efficiently as possible and in good condition. These boys are so good, when it's busy the packing department disappears in a whirlwind of packing tape, knives, cardboard, and packing stuff.


Heather and Charlie
Accounts Manager/ Accounts Assistant

Heather manages the accounts at Britcar - producing all of our financial reporting, and keeping track of who gets paid when. Her capable assistant, Charlie, handles our data entry and reconciliations.