Product Focus: 7″ Crystal (Halogen) replacement lights

With several Land Rovers in use across the company, we’re often installing replacement parts or upgrades that we sell on the website. Occasionally, we come across a part that’s so good, we have to use it across the board.

Today, we’re going to look at the latest of these parts, and explain why we think they’re the best thing since the last best thing we found.

You’re probably already aware that we’re well into our restoration of the Forward Control, and have just started working on the Series IIA 109 LWB. When we decided to keep the 109 on the road (see this post), one of the issues that needed resolving for the MOT test were the headlights. If any of you have ever tried to drive a Series II at night and had to rely solely on the original lights, you know it can be a ‘memorable experience’, especially if you are used to driving with the best ballast bulbs available today. As the man in charge of getting the 109 through it’s MOT, Jim looked at replacement headlights from the range we have on the site, and selected Britpart’s RTC4615C for the job.

RTC4615C-400x300The good news was that these lights are a very simple and clean fit. They went straight in without any hassle and look (we think) excellent. Duncan however, had an opposing opinion. He was mortified that we’d fitted something to the 109 that wasn’t appropriately ‘authentic’ looking. It passed the MOT though, so he settled into a general grumble about the new lights, mentioning them every time he talked to someone about the 109.

It all changed recently though, when Duncan had to use the 109 at night.

The very next morning, Duncan burst into the office and insisted we had to tell everyone about these lights. We’d already told him that the lights would be better, but it wasn’t until he’d had to use them that he realised just how much difference it would make. The manufacturer of the lights claims they produce around an extra 25% of road-legal light; now we’ve used them, we think that’s a conservative guess.

If you need even more light output, for example if you live off the beaten track and have no street lighting to help, you can fit high-output Xenon bulbs. A bonus of this is being able to increase the light from your car without having to fit additional lamps and bars, keeping your vehicle looking just as original as before.

Britpart’s RTC4615C is a pack of 2 right-hand-drive replacement headlights. The lights are fully road-legal and E-marked. The standard 7″ fit is compatible with Series, Defender, Range Rover Classic, and any other classic car with a 7″ fitment.

The kit doesn’t come with bulbs, so we opted for a pair of Ring Automotive’s xenonmax bulbs – VPLDV0061.

We’re so sure of the difference this will make to your vehicle, we’re offering these headlights with 10% off the list price, and a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied (and impressed).

To claim the discount, add one of the RTC4615C kits into your basket, and use this discount code when checking out: BL-RTC4615C-14