The Defender is the iconic successor to the hugely successful Series models. Available initially in 1983 as the 110 only, the range was expanded to include the short wheelbase 90 and longer wheelbase 127 in 1984. The Defender is scheduled to end production in early 2016, with over 2,000,000 vehicles rolling off the line.

During it's lifetime, the Defender (or 'Ninety' and 'One Ten' as the original names were) has been continually improved with a range of drivetrains, from the turbocharged diesel used in the Series range, to the modern 2.2 TDCi from Ford.

The number of accessories and modifications for the Defender is incredible - you can upgrade to a luxurious full leather interior, or upgrade the drivetrain and body for long-term overlanding.

Due to the similarity of late Series, through early 90/110 models, and modern Defenders, many of our aftermarket parts and accessories will fit almost any Defender still on the road.

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